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Scots unlock their creative potential

Art is for every SCOT at Saint Andrew’s.  

Student painting in class


Students blossom into musicians, actors, dancers, visual artists, performers, and film and broadcast stars, exploring creative self-expression and expanding their technical skills under the instruction of gifted faculty.


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Strings concert
Ballet Swan Lake

performing arts

Music, Theatre & Dance

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Visual Arts

visual arts

Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Multi-Media

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Broadcasting teacher points at display

media arts

Film, Multi-Media, Broadcasting

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Our goal is to encourage individual creative expression, develop techniques, and build the confidence within each SCOT to communicate through exhibitions, performances, and competitions.

We encourage our students to explore and develop their talents and offer numerous opportunities in the Media Arts, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts.

Visual Arts


We encourage students to take risks and push beyond their comfort zones, whether they are painting a canvas, playing a musical instrument, performing in a play, or dancing on stage. We believe in the transformative power of the arts, and are committed to providing our students with opportunities to showcase their work both on and off campus. From our student art shows to our musical performances and theater productions, our students have numerous opportunities to express their creativity and share their talents with the world.

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